Best Online Image Conversion Services 2020

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It’d be nice if everything was just in one simple format, but even when it comes to something as seemingly identical as image files, this is not the case. Tools like image converters become crucial pieces of equipment to help you change one image file format to another.  But, with so many options out there, how do you know which to trust?  We’ve got you covered with the top image conversion services for 2020.

What is a online image converter?

An image converter is an online service in which you can transform one image type to another. For instance, an image that is in PNG format can be converted to JPEG format, and vice versa.  You simply upload one format, request the one that you like, and it’ll be converted for you to download and use as you wish. No matter what your image origin or final destination is, an image converter is the trustworthy tool to help you get there.  However, some are better than others, and you deserve to know which ones you should trust with your businesses and which ones to avoid. 

4 free image converters for Windows and Mac

For both Windows and Mac, here are the best online image converters for trustworthy use in 2020. Best of all, they’re all free!

  1. AnyConv: By far the simplest ones as well as most comprehensive one, AnyCov works by simply uploading the image you want, then choosing from the long and all-inclusive list of conversion options that you have, and downloading the new file format. From webp to gif, from png to jpeg, from jfif to jpg and beyond, AnyConv is the furthest reaching, free online image converter to trust that works hard to give you quality conversions quicker than the others. 
  1. Convertio: Another fully online option, Convertio work to support and convert all modern image formats, including TIFF, BMP and over 1, 000 more.  It takes mere minutes to complete the entire process and it is designed to all be done from one screen for a simple, straightforward option. 
  1. Zamzar: This works almost the same way, and offers you most of the same conversion types so that you can get access to the conversions quickly. All conversions are advertised as being done in less than 10 minutes and they will email you when they’re done, if you request it. 
  1. CloudConvert: You can drag and drop your image to convert in to CouldConvert.  They work well with Dropbox and the original image URL, too, if you want to use those.  This supports over 200 formats to give you a little bit of everything on one trustworthy server.  They also work with various popular online vendors to offer the best results in conversion sources.  

All of these conversion methods rely on a breadth of options, combined with power and speed. Whichever you determine to be the best one for you, knowing that you’ve got at least 4 great, modern options available to you is going to be just what you need to help you find the right match on all operating systems.