Benefits Of Muay Thai To The Body

It is proven that the practice of Muay Thai has always strengthened the physical and moral well-being of fighters. So there are plenty of reasons that justify the interest that his practice raises in many people. Both physically and mentally, the benefits it brings are countless, and it is not just about self-defence, Muay Thai also helps the person to have patience, control, self-esteem and self-confidence. You can add more confidence by wearing the T-shirt (เสื้อ ยืด, which is the term in thai) for the training. Among the benefits that Muay Thai practice has for the body are the following:

·         Burning Calories

Effective methods of Muay Thai practice allow you to burn an average of 790 calories in a training session of approximately one hour.

·         Sharpen Reflexes

With the multiple options to attack, dodge and defend you must be quick and accurate to choose the best move. This will make the brain and muscles communicate with each other efficiently. In a short time, you will discover that you can react to everyday situations quickly.

·         Muscle Work

Practising this sport will activate all your muscles and energy systems. Kicking will work your hips and buttocks, hit with the upper body (fists and elbows) you will work your arms and waist, and the grip (clinch) is ideal for working the arms and the middle area.

·         Improve Balance

The importance of improving your balance lies in factors such as strength and flexibility because by doing clinches you will become an expert in balance, which will allow you to gain control of your body. Before taking part in a competition or training you should warm-up or take a massage. Muscle massage improves blood circulation, while training speeds up the body’s metabolism and burns fat. The practice of Thai boxing reduces body fat and increases muscle, which improves the sense of full well-being of the individual. However, you need to put on Thai pattern T-Shirt (เสื้อ ลาย ไทย, which is the term in thai) for flexibility. Training regularly increases endurance and keeps the body in good shape. It also develops skills to assimilate the blows of the opponent and increases tolerance to pain. Additionally, it generates resistance to diseases, keeping the athlete healthy and strong.

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