Best Internet speed test to test your connection at home

Many a time we do not get the internet speed as promised by the internet service provider. Speed fluctuates throughout the day and slow down when used at peak. However, you can check your home internet speed using internet speed test. A good speed test provides current download speed, upload speed and latency for the device on which you run the test.
Here are the few internet speed test available in the market


Ookla is one of the fastest speed test on the web. It has a strong reputation for providing the consistency. It also shows accuracy, speed test history, array of server to connect to, etc.
Ookla has added many new advance features and capabilities over the years. Recently, it has released a video specific speed test. It also has apps which can run on Windows, Apple TV. Do checkout: Charter Spectrum Speed Test

2) FAST.COM is another good internet speed test with simple and straight forward interface. It is owned by Netflix. This test is structured around to check if you have a strong connection to stream Netflix without buffering and with maximum resolution. Though it is best for Netflix, but it lacks the few advance features which are available in other test.

3) M- Lab internet speed test
It was developed by academic researchers and scientist with Google backing. It’s probably the easiest test to use in comparison of others. There are many pros in using this test as it is ad free, only your IP address gets shared. It can be used for internet speed of up to 700 Mbps.

Similar to Ookla, this test also provides consistency. This test is mobile friendly and can be run on your mobile phone and allows you to run the test without downloading the app. Its interface also shows fluctuation in upload and download speed.

5) completely runs on HTML5 and PHP,, so it does not use other third party software like flash or Java to get accurate results. In this, you can also create an account to track the speed for future reference. It asks for few clicks before running the actual test, it has its own speed standards.
AT&T vs Spectrum
AT &T and spectrum are two major internet service providers in the United States. They operate in the south, Midwest and in parts of California and Texas.

AT & T

AT & T plans are pretty good value wise. It offers internet service to more than a third of the US population. AT&T services operate in 21 states across the Gulf coast, Great lakes and California. It uses combination of different technologies with different plans in many part of the country. As per FCC report, AT&T provided its fiber connection to almost 30% of its customers.

If AT&T isn’t available in your area, then Spectrum can be the best choice in such case. At maximum, spectrum plans will cost you 38 cents per megabit after the first year plan. Spectrum plans have no fixed contracts and also its internet plans does not come with any additional fees.


Spectrum and AT&T offers home internet service across the USA. Both of them provide best uploads and download speed at the best price. If you make a choice to choose between them, do check if AT&T offers its service at your address.

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