Can I Use Motion Graphics for Social Media Ads?

You likely have ever wondered if there is any relationship between motion graphics and social media. Social media is the giant platform in which socializing and business selling are booming. Motion graphics are simply the offshoots of animation, in which text, elements, images, shapes, and objects are animated and placed on the motion. You can get premium and well-designed from the best Australian animation studio to use for social media ads and sell your business wider.

Super Engaging

Social media is all about engagement. If what you share cannot get likes, views, followers, and comments, it is not worth it. According to Twitter, GIF tweets attract more than 55% engagement compared to the ones without GIF since they are highly shareable. And as per Brightcove, social ads or content that have video or motion graphics trigger more than 1200% shares compared to images and texts.

Easy and Affordable 

Creating motional graphics that can be shared on social media is just easy and fun. Provided you have basics video and animation creation skills, you can develop the coolest and most intriguing motion graphics. However, if you do not have such skills, you just need to use the services of Australia animation studio, and you will be amazed by the quality and affordability of the motion graphics that will be created for you. Make sure to identify the best animation and graphics creation studio for you.

Higher Return on Investment 

The return on investment earned from motion graphics is quite higher compared to texts and images. Motion graphics will trigger high engagement and conversion rates, which will lead to more sales and sales. Sharing several entertaining and captivating motion graphics on your social media accounts a day can give you extreme exposure and convince more social media users to like and comment on your posts. Over time, most of such commenters and likers will be turned into returning clients.

Makes Your Brand Known 

Every marketing channel that gives your business and brand exposure will definitely create a solid brand identity. Your company’s success potential depends on how efficiently the marketing channels you use to sell your brand and business in general. Motional graphics customized with your business logo and brand identity will sell your brand to a broader client base and help you attract more sales with very little investment. Ensure the video and graphics animation creation is handled by a professional, and you are sure to reap real benefits.

If you’ve always wondered if it is possible to sell your business using motion graphics on your social media channels, you now know it is one of the simplest, cheapest, and most effective methods you can employ. It is proven to be effective and reliable, and so you will not waste so much time, and money get it implemented.