How NFC Technology May Benefit Your Company?

NFC is one thing you might have already heard about (a feature new smartphones have), but wasn’t sure what which was. This acronym means near field communication, a technology that has been invented not such a long time ago and which appear to possess a vibrant future. What’s stand out inside it? Near field communication […]

Uses and Obstacles for Drone Technology running a business

Drones have certainly altered the way you have some fun and conduct business. They are utilized in our everyday lives to gather aerial data for manipulation and take beautiful photos and record amazing videos to upload to YouTube. Actually, many are earning money utilizing their effective unmanned aerial vehicles or quadcopters that is included with […]

Interfacing Port Facility Technology to battle Terrorism

Using the current emphasis being place upon peace of mind in private and public locations and particularly inside our port environments we naturally must view such potential threats as harmful to the national security. Typically ports might be private enterprises however since nearly all foreign products enter our country via ports it falls underneath the […]