Crunchyroll is a popular Japanese Anime Movie library. It is in possession with the largest anime movie collection worldwide. You can watch thousands of anime movies in original quality. Crunchyroll offers you the best full HD movies at your hands.

Crunchyroll can be downloaded free for both Android and iOS devices and you can browse your most favourite anime drama episodes through this app. You can watch the missed episodes and also full series by using Crunchyroll.

The user can easily browse under any category or title and they will be notified with new alerts and notifications when there’s a movie to be released. So the users have the ability to watch their favourite anime movies without missing. Also, you will be notified about the latest news about Anime.

There are articles on anime games so you can find them through the Anime games apps. Yet, if you are an anime lover you don’t have to search for anime games now since with the use of Crunchyroll you can easily find anime games through this app and redirect you to download them.

One of the great benefits of this app is that there is a community which you can exchange ideas with the people who have the same interests in anime movies. So you can find more interesting movies to watch by discussing it with them.

Moreover, Crunchyroll for Android TV offers you more than 25,000 episodes in thousands of popular anime series such as Naruto Shippuden, My Hero Academia, Fate Series, The Perfect Insider, Toradora, Dragon Ball Super etc. Also, you can watch Japanese popular dramas from Crunchyroll either.

The user has the ability to categorize anime movies like Action, Culture and Horror and browse the most favourite category. Again, Crunchyroll has categorized movies under there popularities where it is helpful to the user to select their favourite movies without a doubt.

Crunchyroll supports all the platforms (You can watch movies in both android and IOS devices.). Use Filelinked or Aptoide TV app for Android TV devices.

If you want to have a VIP experience there’s Crunchyroll premium version with additional features and benefits.

Additional features:

  • Crunchyroll Premium Version has removed all the unnecessary advertisements which bother the user.
  • The Anime movie will be available at the Crunchyroll Movie library an hour after telecasting in Japan.
  • You will get a 14 day free trial period after the VIP subscription.

The user can view the movie offline after downloading it anywhere anytime. Besides, after subscribing the premium version, not only in one device, you will be able to stream the movie in six screens at the same time.

Additionally, Crunchyroll supports many popular streaming services and devices such as Apple TV, Chrome Cast, Amazon Fire TV, Roku, Play Stations and X Box.

There are three subscription plans for the premium version.

⮚One Month Plan – $11.95 per month

⮚Three Month Plan – $34.95 per three months ($11.65 per month)

⮚Twelve Month Plan – $99.95 per twelve months ($8.32 per month). This is the cheapest and cost-effective plan since you can save 30% of the cost by subscribing to a twelve-month plan.

Crunchyroll can be called as the largest anime movie library around the world. It is well poised to compete with any other movie library. If you are an Anime Lover too, Crunchyroll is the best app to fulfil your dreams.


1.Can we watch Crunchyroll Free?

After the subscription which means, after taking the premium version of the app, you have a 14 day free trial period to watch movies as much as you like.

2.Does the app have any anime movie?

Not every anime but most of the anime movies are available in Crunchyroll.

3.Does this app support to any device?

Crunchyroll supports all the platforms (You can watch movies in both android and IOS devices.)

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