Crust car bluetoth

Crust, a leading e-commerce platform for inexpensive technology niche related products, they have a diverse collection of the tech products and smartphone covers/ cases. Recently they have introduced its latest series of Car Bluetooth FM Transmitters available in Black colour. Car Bluetooth transmitters with FM have been quite a temper in the technology market for a few years now. The Crust states that the product Car Bluetooth BT 56 transforms the car music system and complete experience with music streaming, audio navigation, FM Transmission and reception, attending incoming calls and many more. The company discloses more facts about the product and remarks that the product is a result of lead innovative technology which combines the Car Bluetooth V 4.2 with FM Transmitter and QC 3.0 Dual USB fast charging technology. Users can experience a rapid fast charging using the product. The charging speed is 38% more efficient and 3 x faster than the old-style chargers. The product supports dual Charging that allows Users to charge two devices at the parallel in real-time leveraging the Dual USB technology. Adding to the above details, the company also claims that the device has the unique feature of Power On memory which helps it get automatically connected with the last paired device and continue the last played track on it. Speaking about the compatibility of the product, the company states that it’s a device that fits a wider range of cars and gadgets including iPhone, iPod, Android, Tablets, Windows Phones, Blackberry, MP3 players and more.

Crust has already introduced many avant-grade products featuring ground-breaking technology. The Car Bluetooth Transmitter with FM and Dual USB is another feather in its cap. The technology has already been appreciated by a wide spectrum of users. For the music lovers, the product is simply a treat with unmatched Echo and noise cancellation with CVC technology, Bluetooth A2DP support and High-quality Stereo Audio technology. The device supports up to 32 GB USB Disk and plays various formats including MP3, WMA and FLAC. The Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter from Crust is available with an attractive 6 months warranty. The product is a great choice for long rides and journeys.

Summary: Crust is an e-commerce Mumbai-based company that combines modernization, functionality, innovation and smartness in the form of technologically superior products which has recently launched Car Bluetooth FM Transmitter.

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