Dropbox Business Alternative For Germany

Storing information in the cloud is an option that many companies and people have already accepted to maintain backup of their information. Cloud storage services providers have been facing serious challenges making affordable packages and costs of these services more and more accessible to the user.

They are trying to maintain standard levels of security that allow the person to have confidence that their data is safe. Google Drive and Dropbox are among the best known in the market in terms of security and space. However, there are other services. Here a list of top Dropbox Business Alternative services so that you can choose the best option.


P-Cloud is a cloud storage service that gives you a large online storage space in the safest way on the market. It is a service compatible with most operating systems such as Microsoft Windows, Linux and for mobile devices such as android or iOS. It provides storage volumes ranging from 500-GB to 2-TB for individuals and for companies an adaptable system that adapts its rate to the number of employees or users.

Regarding security, P-Cloud manages a 256-bit encryption system for all its stored files. P-cloud system has the most advanced DSGVO (General Data Protection Regulation) at present, not many companies have this kind of system for their files.

Mega Cloud

It is another alternative to Google Drive. One of the characteristics that makes it more remarkable is the amount of storage that it provides for free, allowing the user to have 50 GB of storage without any payment. You can add an additional level of security by placing passwords to these links.

Apart from this, Mega Cloud offers four monthly payment plans that will considerably increase your storage capacity, and file transfer capacity reaching a maximum of 16-TB. This cloud-service allows a secure storage of information and a simple way to share it. You only need to share the link of the mega file and that’s it.

Hi Drive

Hi-Drive cloud storage solution presents an affordable storage service. It is your secure cloud service. It does not have the option of free use like other storages, but it allows the use of 100-GB for only 1 dollar per month, expandable up to 250-GB in its essential rate of 3 dollars per month. The solutions they present to companies allow the use of 10 users at the same time with an encryption system that allows maximum security for company files.

You can use it on Windows and Mac operating systems through desktop applications or through the website. This cloud storage service offers online backups along with unlimited storage space and synchronization with any mobile device owned by the user.


Another Dropbox alternative is Zeta-box. In its service it has three modalities that are – a free one that allows 5-GB of storage for individual users, an account for 5 people which has 5-TB of storage, and the modality for companies that would allow almost unlimited storage. If the user is browsing the Internet and wants to save information as images, videos, audios, and even texts, you can save them directly to your cloud without any problem.

User can decide where they want their information to be stored with servers in Germany, France, Spain, London, etc. In terms of security, Zeta-box comes with a 256-bit AES encryption system.

Cloud me

Another Dropbox alternative, Cloud me cloud services offers virtual storage that provides file synchronization between multiple devices, allowing users to share and access their content, either among themselves or with people outside the service. In addition, Cloud me allows files to be shared either via Facebook, Email, Google, and even text messages. The Cloud me Service does not offer free cloud storage plans, but they have rates that are adapted to each business user, the minimum rates range from $1 per month/$10 per year.

Amazon Cloud Services

Available in more than 23 geographic regions around the world, Amazon Cloud Drive offers diversified services that help organizations reduce costs by gaining IT scalability. These include cloud computing, data analytics, internet of things, blockchain and media services. Amazon EC2 allows the creation of virtual machines inside the cloud. It is the best alternative to Dropbox so far.

Amazon’s service enables the deployment of applications in .NET, java, and python, among others. Cloud front is a fast service for delivering content in different formats, such as data, videos, app and API. Amazon lambda allows you to run code without having to manage servers.  Amazon dynamo db consists of a durable, high-performance database.

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