How Sky ECC helps you to secure your data?

The concern for security has been creeping under our noses for some time now. As people get more comfortable with using technology, the threat of our sensitive information being compromised gets bigger. In fact, people websphere are already sharing personal information such as interests, phone numbers, location, and employment indifferently in social networks like Facebook, Google+, and Twitter.

But having your information leaked from social networks is just one of the many issues of online security. Did you know that someone can easily track your online activities if you share the same Wi-Fi network; accessing information such as passwords, credit card information, personal data, and your browsing behavior?

Today, there are plenty of secure messaging apps available in the mobile space. But only a handful of them proves to be trustworthy. SkyECC, also known as “Sky App”, is one of them.

Sky ECC is an encryption technology developed for consumer-level security. It is commonly used by messaging apps for mobile devices. Sky ECC is a full-fledged mobile security and device management solution for corporations that need to manage their internal team and maintain internal information integrity. With the device management, the application enables internals to communicate through a secure and encrypted channel with the assurance that their corporate information transferred (whether it be messages, files, photos, and recordings) is protected from any malicious attacks.

Features of sky app

Triple layer encryption

Sky ECC uses 3 different encryption standards to encrypt each part of the message.
The name of the sender, recipient, and Subject are encrypted using 256 Advanced Encryption Standard (AES). The data exchange between the server and the application is encrypted using 2048bit Secure Sockets Layer (SSL). The body of the message is encrypted using 521bit elliptic curve cryptography (ECC) (Equivalent to 15,360bit RSA).

Application of containers

Everything is contained within the application, requires authentication and generates a secure connection with the server before it is allowed access and use within the application (this will prevent any possibility of someone trying to read by brute force their messages). The application has no link to the device since it is in a secure partition for 24 hours.

Self-destruction message

All messages sent between applications have a self-destruct feature. You can set the amount of time in which your conversation with someone will be eliminated.

Private keys

Your private keys are created during the activation of the application. This means that the private key is created by you and your device and nobody has access to it. This is known as CKM (client key mode).

Duress, Panic password

The panic password feature allows you to create a false password so you can give in case you want to open your phone by force or threat. The use of password function under pressure will eliminate all the information of the application: messages, contacts, images and history, it will remain as if it had never existed.

Compatibility with PGP Blackberry

Sky ECC is fully compatible with PGP. You can easily communicate with PGP Blackberry users.

If you want to truly private messaging, encrypting messages isn’t enough. You have to go to the next level. Sky ECC protects the device, application, and the connection before you even enter your password. Social media giants who make money from your data can’t be trusted to create a secure messaging solution that respects your privacy. Sky ECC is designed to be more secure out of the box than anything else you can buy.