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There are a whole lot of software out there when it comes to that of payroll management but only about a few of them are good. Keka HR software is a highly popular, reliable and trustworthy source that ensures to provide for the best of features and facilities for better management of payroll facilities. The most attractive aspect about Keka is that it is simple and easy to use. It does not put any unnecessary burden on the individual. Keka has been a top notch player with a stunning array of features to support.

Employee profiles

Keka is known to offer best projection of employee profiles. With the software, it is quite easy for one to spot the necessary information they want to get. The hrms software displays the employee profile in a beautiful manner so that it becomes quite easy for one and all. The software is neatly designed and all the necessary features are neatly categorized for best access of information. 

The software helps you to track all the employee activities at one go. It also helps with visibility of the entire profile with ease. With this software, it becomes quite easy and convenient for businesses to track productive work hours without much effort.

Custom field facility

It offers the facility to create as many custom fields as possible. You can add in custom fields, set permissions and approvals at each field and level. Keka is definitely the most popular of the lot with whole lot of benefits and features to go with. With so many advantages, the software definitely stands out as the best from the rest. It is also known to have exceptional revises and ratings for its service offerings. In order to know more about the service provider and what it has got to offer, check out the site.