Technology Like Social Media And It’s Effectiveness On Celebrities Like Cristina Blackwell

As we know people all over the world believe that internet is an another world and they are so both addicted and connected with it. They completely believe in this new age technology. And most of the celebrities like Cristina Blackwell also much activate and common people get to know all the information through the internet and social media only.

How using technology

The most important thing is that why we are using technology? Or how we are using it? It’s very important to get aware of this either you are using technology the right way. Using internet to an extend level can effect your daily life as well as your health.

But there is no doubt that that technology has changed this world. Where there are both pros and cons of technology. It is very safe for girls even it makes them feel secure wherever they are being. They could notify very easily when required if they are traveling with a smartphone.

The advantage of technology

Actually in today’s world there is not a single corner left where technology is not being used. Some using is for their business purpose, some for study purpose some for entertainment and all. Even it is become very easy to get communicate with people using technology via social media. If you can’t meet them head on at least you can keep a strong contact through technology. So this way technology has been helpful for people.

Disadvantage of the technology

But yes where there advantages so there are disadvantages too. Too much of using or applying technology could be harmful either for health or for life as well. Like if students will start to use the technology called social media so much that can destroy their childhood, it could be harmful for their study also. It will make them lazy and slothful where they need to be energetic all the time. But yes they may use it for study purposes if it’s needed otherwise not.

Apart from that the children are getting addicted day by day which is not healthy as well. So all the parents should be aware of this and keep their children away from this type of technology. So here is a disadvantage of technology.

But on the other side it makes work easier and faster. Like a computer can finish a work more easily and consuming less time than the manpower. So thus it is an advantage.

On the other side a man or a woman could run a business, have a blog, takes care of the kids and house, and it is only possible using technology. So, it’s totally up to you how, where and when you are using technology. It completely depends on you whether it will go wrong or right. Either you are using technology in a right way or in a wrong way. Because using right way will be beneficial for you and using in a wrong way will be very harmful for you as well.

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