The major disadvantages of using TikTok you should know about

While creating TikTok videos, in a way you are letting your personal information or data reside in the app which can grab the attention of both the good and bad sides. There are many concerns that have been raised recently from many parents whose kids are spending the majority of their time using this application.

There are plenty of debates that have been going on about the positive and negative sides of this app and the media is taking advantage of it by taking this app under their scanner. We have researched and talked to many users about the TikTok app. In this article, we will talk about the basic disadvantages you can have by using this application.

Chances of scams and fake accounts

With each passing seconds, the application is becoming more famous and having the attention of many eyes and users who shouldn’t be allowed to use this platform. This application can be a perfect place for any user to misuse the place by impersonating it. 

Many users have complained about being redirected to adult sites or dating scam sites via this application.

Sometimes you can find click baits

You may seem a freeware which will have so many advertisements. There is a free format of this app that can be found which is full of ads and sometimes users get lured to pay for being scammed.

Record of email scams

According to news, there was a Chinese Email Scam which happened in December of 2019. There was an offshoot application named ToTok which was responsible to trigger the noted incident. The app seemed to be a copied version of real TikTok and leaked many sensitive data about the US army operation which was held on QuasemSoliemani. He was the Iranian Military leader at that time.

Can be addictive

There is no shortage of catchy features that can create fun videos and teens are being hooked up to this app 24/7. This can be addictive and cause a lot of unfortunate and uncomfortable situations if not taken care of.

Parents are in distress because they are not being able to control the situation of their kids to use or be in TikTok all the time.

Many contents are inappropriate and offensive

Yes, there are many fun and innocent contents in this app which are great for our entertainment. But along with them, some very inappropriate, adult, and offensive contents are out there too. There was news in Jerusalem Post where a video was showing the terror attacks against the citizen of Israel.

Waste of useful time

The useful time a teenager can spend by learning new skills and gaining knowledge is being wasted by using too much of TikTok. They are getting more anti-social, yet they are spending so much of their time watching TikTok or creating cringe videos for the platform.

A platform for hate and harassment

The trollers and haters are using the app to create content where they are trolling many users, communities, and religions. This is becoming a way of putting hatred and disrespect out there in the world.

Note: You can always try to utilize the application by optimizing your time in it and to grow your account you can buy TikTok followers from many sources.