What Are The Different Uses Of A Laptop? 

What will my computer do for me?

First of all, you must answer this question. This question will arise, in part, the choice of your computer.

There are three types of uses for a laptop.

  • bureautics
  • multimedia
  • gaming

Depending on your use, the computer you choose will not be the same. As we said above, if you want to play on your computer, you will not be able to take a single computer at 300 €, for example.


If you want to do office work, like excel or internet research, you don’t need a mighty computer.

Note that the 1st price computers are made for occasional use. So even for office automation, this can prove unsuitable.

Of course, the budget is taken into account in the choice of your computer. But if we can advise you something, don’t choose your laptop based on a promotion. Put your needs first. Dell PowerEdge T40 is a good example.


If your use is for multimedia (photo editing, video editing, …), you will have to choose a more powerful computer. Your computer components will also be more powerful to accommodate what you want to do on it. We advise you to go on computers that are in the mid-range from around € 600.


If you want to play on your computer, you must have a powerful PC. If your computer’s components are not powerful enough, you will not be able to play on them. Be aware that you can still play on mid-range machines, but you won’t play everything. On the other hand, with a gaming pc, you can do what you want, as it is powerful. Video editing, many open web pages, …

So you understand, if you want to do the office, you don’t need a gaming PC. Whereas if you’re going to make multimedia, an elementary computer will not be enough for you. Dell PowerEdge T340 is a good gaming pc.

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