Why do Photographers Enjoy Taking Photos on a Rainy Day?

When it is storming and raining, most people would curl up indoors and will have a hot cup of tea or coffee, but photographers are not amongst those “most people.”

Photographers stay outdoors because they love to capture something unique and so it outweighs their need to stay warm and comfortable.

If you are a photographer, here are a few tips that will make you’re staying out in the storm worthy:

  • Your Gear Should Be Protected

DSLRs these days are weatherproof and can handle few drops of water or a light mist. But if you are in an area that is torrential, protect your camera. You always don’t need to carry your bulky protective gear. The easiest way to take photographs in the rain is to get a rain sleeve. There are also other DIY ways that you can learn watching videos on YouTube.

  • Try to Find Water Reflections

Once the storm has gotten rid of, and the roads are glossy with puddles, you can experiment with the reflections that are left on the ground.

Filmmakers, as well as photographers, often recreate this result by tossing water on the ground to catch striking reflections. Utilize nature’s present as well as get outdoors in between showers.

  • Backlight the Rainfall

Unless it’s the rain is light, it can be tough to see noticeable raindrops in a photo. By adding some backlighting, you can easily make raindrops shot.

Develop your very own backlighting by establishing an off-camera flash behind your subject such as a wedding photographer.

  • Enjoy a Scene Change

In a few cases, you don’t need to capture the rain itself, yet the hints that indicate that it’s drizzling. A great a street scene can be captured in the rain is to capture the rain jackets, umbrellas, the puddles, and the raindrop reflections on the ground.

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