5 Must have CRM features in 2022

10 CRM Features and Why You Need Them

The only tool you need to maintain your contacts, make calls, send and track emails, generate reports, and see your sales funnel clearly is a sales top CRM for startups.

This implies that you can concentrate on stabilizing and scaling your startup to larger heights while your reps are preoccupied with closing the next deal.

The world of CRM is changing every day. The most preferred way to stay on top is by reading, learning, and talking to other experts. In this article, you will get to know five features that will likely be common in 2022 for all top CRM startups.

5 most common features of top CRM for startups in 2022

Marketing Automation

Marketing automation is a set of software applications that help you manage your marketing activities. It helps to automate repetitive tasks, reduce costs and save time.

Marketing Automation: Marketing automation is one of the most important tools for any business in order to have an effective campaign. It helps you track your campaign performance, measure the results and make decisions based on this data.

Social media integration

Social media integration is essential for any good CRM. This means the ability to post messages, respond to posts and track engagement with customers on social media platforms like Facebook or Twitter. A simple example would be if you’re using Facebook Ads in your business, you could use that data along with other customer information from your CRM system to create targeted ads.

Another feature that integrates well with social media is live chat functionality, so customers can get the assistance they need right away when they reach out through one of these channels instead of waiting days before getting an answer by email/phone/live chat agents outside their company’s firewall (which could lead them down a bad path).

Artificial Intelligence

Artificial intelligence (AI) is a technology that helps you to automate repetitive tasks, make better decisions and save time. It can also help you to grow your business by increasing sales or improving customer experience.

Cloud Integration

Cloud integration is a must-have feature that will help you to seamlessly integrate with other cloud applications and services, as well as other CRMs. You can use cloud integration to connect your CRM with external systems such as Salesforce or Shopify. This ensures that all of your contacts are in one place and available for follow-up at all times, regardless of where they are located.

In addition to these two benefits, there are also some specific advantages associated with integrating multiple systems together through the use of cloud integrations:

  • Increased efficiency – When multiple tools work together seamlessly without requiring any manual updates from employees on each system, there’s less strain on everyone involved because nothing needs to be done twice over again when someone changes accounts or addresses information once everything else has been entered correctly the first time around
  • Improved productivity – Having access directly to another piece of software means more time spent working rather than waiting around while someone else enters data into another program (or worse still – typing out instructions manually).

Project Management

Project management is a must-have top CRM feature for startups and growing businesses, but it’s also an important feature for established businesses.

Project management helps you achieve your goals by providing a way to keep track of tasks and projects so that you can stay on top of them. This can be especially useful if you are working with multiple clients at once or need to manage multiple projects that require attention from different teams.

The best CRM for startups!

As a startup, you need a top CRM for startups that are easy to use, highly customizable and has all the features you need. You don’t want to waste time trying to figure out how things work when there are other important things you can focus on.

One of the best ways to make sure your startup’s CRM is up-to-date is by using it regularly—which means updating it if necessary and using it as part of your daily routine. This will ensure that everything inside stays current so that when someone needs something from your company’s business operations or sales team (or both), they won’t have trouble finding what they’re looking for quickly and easily.


We hope that this post has helped you understand the importance of CRM features in 2022. Remember, it’s all about making sure your startup is successful and growing. It’s not enough to just have a good product. But it would be best if you also had an effective marketing strategy. With so many options out there today, we encourage you to choose the one that best meets your needs. The apps you integrate into your top CRM for startups serve as the wheel’s spokes if your CRM is a wheel. Smartrr supports a wide range of apps, from customer service software to document signing tools, making it more functional and preventing you from having to juggle various tools. If you are looking for top CRM for startups, Smartrr is all you need!

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