Being a student in India, how to make money India’s online earnings

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It is a dream for students to make money while they study. Sometimes that dream can remain a dream due to many reasons. This article will show you how to earn money online in india. These methods require little or no investment. These methods can be easily followed by students studying anywhere, at home or abroad.

What are the reason students need to make money in India?

Students in India and around the globe must have enough money. With rising expenses, its importance to learn how to earn money online for students. With the world-changing, so must people adapt. It was not possible to complete a college degree without having completed high school.

Here are some ways to make money in India

A student should make sure that they have enough money to support themselves while they study. A student can not only help himself to get by but also learn money management. In India, it wasn’t easy to make money online in the past. It has become much easier for students to make money online thanks to the easy access and popularity of the internet. There are many ways to make money online in India. Unfortunately, many people don’t know much about them. There are many non-traditional options for students today. These methods allow students to make money online without having to give up their studies.

Blog or Vlogging

While some people excel at learning, others are better at oratory. However, if you enjoy writing and are skilled at it, this option may be the best for you. If you believe you can express yourself well, this is the best way to make money in India.


You don’t have to spend a lot of money on equipment for vlogging. You don’t need to know much about editing, but some apps can do the rest.


Writing a blog can also be used as a passive income-generating stream. You can create a blog using popular forums such as WordPress and blogger with just a few clicks. These forums allow you to write/post blogs. You must possess basic computer skills and set up a Google AdSense account to start making money. The ads will appear on the blogger’s website.

Content writer

This option allows you to make money online by writing novels and publishing them as e-books. You will need to generate pre-orders so that your write-up could be bought. You can also make about Rs100 per e-book sold to readers.

Be an App Developer or Website Developer

It is possible to start projects and create an application. It can be uploaded to various start-up websites, and you will have backups of your projects. You will need to have a good understanding of the consumer’s thinking and skills in coding.

Fiverr allows you to freelance.

This job is a great way to answer the question “How to make money in India?” It is flexible in time and can be done when it suits you best. Registering on platforms such as Freelancer or Fiverr is all you need to do. This would be your virtual workspace, where you can create an account and begin earning quickly.


Last summer, friends founded their college hostel start-up. The friends sell food to students during exams and at night. Their business was in a boom at that time. These kinds of businesses are possible, or you could create decorative crafts and sell them online. Online and offline sales are possible through your bakery. It is an excellent way to make money online.

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