Dangal Thought After Watching The Film

Dangal is a biographical film directed by nitsh Tiwari and starred by Amir Khan, sakashi Taiwa, Sanya mahota and Fatima SANA Saka. The film is based on the true story of Indian wrestler mahavia Singh Perga. It tells the inspirational story of former wrestling champion Singh who raised two daughters to become women’s wrestling champions and broke the Indian tradition. The film was released in India on December 23, 2016. Click here to watch free Dangal full movie online, and you can also Watch Drama Movies Online Free.

Introduction to Dangal’s Plot

Mahavia Singh Perga (Amir Khan) was once the national wrestling champion of India. He gave up wrestling because of his life. He hopes that his son can help him realize his dream of winning a world-class gold medal. As a result, he gave birth to four daughters. He thought his dream would be broken, but he unexpectedly discovered his daughter’s amazing talent. Seeing the hope of a champion, he decided not to waste his daughter’s talent. Like other girls, he could only wash clothes and cook for a lifetime. After careful consideration, he agreed with his wife to train his two daughters for one year according to the standards of wrestlers: changing skirts, cutting off long hair, and letting them practice wrestling, And won one championship after another, and finally won the opportunity to become an example and inspire millions of women.

Dangal Review

Dangal is a genre film that can basically guess the end after seeing the beginning. However, the actors’ acting skills are online, the story details are in place, and the emotions are real and moving. Moreover, the film is of great practical significance to Indian women and even women all over the world. The father does hope that his daughters will inherit their dreams, but one fact should be taken into consideration: in India, inheriting dreams is a privilege, which is only given to sons, and daughters are only “other people’s” who need to marry and spend a large amount of dowry. The film is well intentioned in the drama. It arranges a wake-up ceremony for the daughters at the classmate’s wedding, a “father killing” ceremony for the eldest daughter to defeat her father, and the father is also absent from the competition for the eldest daughter to win the gold medal. All this shows that women have a sense of autonomy in this film.

Dangal is an inspirational comedy film in which women strive for self-determination of their own destiny and win dignity. It is inspirational and warm at the same time. It reveals a magnificent oil painting of Indian society with a simple sports theme. Because of the color and timeliness of feminism, more women are inspired to seriously consider wrestling as a sport. Moreover, the soundtrack of the film is simple, which resonates with many audiences.

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