5 Reasons Why People Love Anime

The Anime Industry is growing in popularity, it has a huge fan base from all around the globe. People from different countries are now streaming their favorite anime shows on a popular platform like gogoanime TV and crunchy roll etc.

If you are someone who is ignoring the anime due to the attached stigma of it being a porno or cartoon for kids, then you are missing some of the best comedy, drama, adventure, and action stories ever created on this planet. Here are five reasons why you should watch anime: 

The Artwork

Generally, many anime lovers do not realize what an excellent art form anime is. And who can blame them? Anime has a good storyline, intense battle scenes, hand-drawn artwork, and detailed characters. It can make anyone forget about the talent and hard work that goes into making an anime series or movie. 


If you are someone who loves watching films from different countries, you will realize every film industry have a unique way of telling a story. Japan has suffered due to world war-2 and has seen the worst disaster ever known to humans.

This makes Japanese people more knowledgeable about the war and emotional turmoil it brings to humans, which is the reason they can fluently connect with people’s emotions with their unique storytelling in an anime. 

Unique Stories

More often, you will find anime based on some unique concept or idea that will move your mind. You can find an anime about a teen boy getting the power to kill anyone by writing the victim’s name in the diary (Death Note) to a comedy story about unlucky lazy policemen (KochiKame) on gogoanime tv. Every anime is unique based on a different concept. The anime industry is a pioneer of creating many psychological thrillers, time travel, and deep emotional storylines, some of them even adopted into full-blown feature films of Hollywood.  

Know About Different Culture

Anime can be your way of knowing about Japan. Japan is a beautiful country and Japanese people are famous for their calmness and hardworking nature around the globe. 

All these Japanese people’s characteristics are due to Japanese culture. Anime can be your door to know about this beautiful country and its culture.

Easy to Stream

Before online streaming platforms like Netflix and gogoanime tv, it was difficult for people from different countries to watch anime. Many people know anime just because some shows use to come on Cartoon Network. Now with the Internet and the entire online streaming platforms, you can easily stream some the best anime on free sites such as gogoanime tv and others.