5 Reliable Places to Learn About Shopify

Every business owner on the Shopify platform needs support at one time or another. As a business owner, you have a particular set of skills unique to you, but as your business grows, you’ll come to realize that you can’t do it all.

You are bound to encounter certain problemsin the course of doing business. Finding innovative ways to solve business problems is the goal. One of the biggest advantages of using Shopify to build your brand is the number of support channels available to you.

Using these channels, you can easily learn more about the ecommerce platform. Here are 5 places where you can learn and grow on Shopify.

  1. Google

Thinking of contacting Shopify’s customer care unit via phone call, or sending their HR team an email message? No need to go through that stress, just type your question into Google’s search engine and get your answer in less than 30 seconds.

You will easily find answers to common questions and issues faced by users of the platform. The majority of these requests have been collated and answered by Shopify developers and can be found using a simple Google search.

  1. Shopify support 

This is the most obvious support resource to learn about Shopify’s services. Shopify gurus (which is the name given to members of the Shopify support unit) attend to every phone call and emails they get from merchants all over the world.

Shopify Gurus will answer all questions you have regarding the use and issues you face while making use of the platform. After searching on Google and not finding what you need, you can reach out to them for assistance.

  1. Theme developer support

Did you purchase a theme for your online store? Shopify has its in-house theme designers and also partners with third-party theme developers. So, whether you bought your webpage theme from Shopify or their partners, you can reach out to their support team for help with your theme.

They will easily help you to handle any issues regarding setting up your online store. However, you might have to pay a small fee if your request has their team working overtime.

  1. Facebook groups

There are loads of Shopify support groups on Facebook, some well moderated and some not. Joining a well-moderated Shopify community on Facebook is great as you get first-hand solutions to problems you encounter from other members who are very experienced in using Shopify.

However, remember to always be on guard online and do not believe everything you read. Facebook groups such as Shopify Entrepreneurs, Shopify Strategy, Shopify Brand academy, and Kingpinning are some of the best.

  1. Shopify forums

Shopify forums are another great place to get reliable Shopify support. The official Shopify forums are like a marketplace, filled with experienced Shopify experts helping numerous store owners on the online shopping platform with their issues.

Maybe you are just thinking of boosting your business brand via the Shopify platform. If that is the case, then using any of these support channels would help you out with any problems you may encounter with the use of the platform.

Remember, sharing your experiences with other upcoming entrepreneurs is an admirable quality.