Are you familiar with the impact of technology on society?

Currently, technology has penetrated all societies, being an integral part of them and, basically, one of the biggest changes that has been introduced is that of facilitating interpersonal communication, with devices and between them, and quick and instantaneous access to the information, wherever you are. For example, Basically it is tool which can give you all the necessary details of the person whom you were searching for months. Now you have his phone number. Well, simply put the number into the tool and see the magic – all the information related to that phone number.

Facilitate access to information

The technique and development of humanity seem to be something inextricably linked. In fact, the technology converted into technology has generated great benefits but also serious problems. In this sense, technology generates serious inequality processes. Although, most users accept these new advances as something beneficial and useful to facilitate their daily work, leisure and communication. Once this brief introduction has been made, you can say that what really brings new technologies to society is to facilitate access to information, in an effective and immediate way, by using the infrastructures that telecommunications operators have developed and implemented through advanced devices with very powerful hardware and software and friendly interfaces.

The proliferation of social networks

A phenomenon that has led to the introduction of new technologies is the proliferation of social networks such as Facebook, Instagram, LinkedIn, YouTube, etc. that along with messaging applications such as WhatsApp and other similar ones. Another impact that new technologies are causing is the paradigm shift in traditional commerce which leads to electronic commerce, with Amazon as the undisputed leader, and also in banking (e- banking) which results in the closure of numerous physical offices and customer service and carrying out operations through the Internet, without forgetting the Public Administration which facilitates the completion of numerous procedures and procedures for citizens in –line.

Currently we all use broadband networks, both fixed and mobile that allow us to access the Internet. Or use the 3rd or 4th mobile network (5th in the near future) Generation, to communicate, watch multimedia content, play online or send messages, using smartphones, tablets, audio-visual devices, or any other means. Also, it is already a reality, but in the future, the so-called Internet of Things (IOT), which facilitates millions of autonomous devices without the need for human intervention, can exchange information between them. According to experts, it is estimated that by 2020 there will be around 20.4 billion devices connected worldwide.

Conclusion: The perfect information

All these advances generate a great impact on society, due to their consequences, whether economic, political, social and cultural, without forgetting the possible replacement of many jobs by the arrival of robots and artificial intelligence, which is something that we have to start worrying. In short, technology allows us to develop our knowledge, carry out procedures and exchange information with other people or machines, regardless of distance, through the tools and applications available on the Internet or in other networks.

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