How is the success of an online platform measured?

If you consider the success of a public place such as a restaurant by foot traffic, then the online world is similar. That is to say, in online platforms, the success of an online platform is measured simply by the number of people that visit that website or in simpler terms the web traffic. This is, however, not the only parameter by which the success of an online platform is measured but it simply is one of the simplest and perhaps the best one out there. Now when it comes to measuring web traffic of a particular website, there are many websites and software in place to do that job for you, and one of the hosts highly recommends one is Google Analytics or GA as it is known in the online world.

What is Google analytic? And how it works?

Google Analytics is a simple enough software that simply monitors the performance of your website. It is one of the easiest ones to install and use right now. The main use of it is to measure the web traffic on your website. But you can enhance its capabilities by introducing some extra coding portion into it. You will, however, require another program called the Google tag manager where you can put extra coding into the GTM and then tag it to the GA. This newly tagged portion can then help you monitor other aspects of your website as well. Install GA (ติด GA, which is the term in Thai) is thus the first step in this whole programming sequence. And most of the time, you require professional coders because it is generally supplemented by tag manager coding to enhance the ability of the Google analytics software. However, a freelancer in this may prove to be of some value but at a cheaper rate.

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