How to Choose Your E-Commerce Solution?

Before determining the ideal online shopping program ( โปรแกรมขายของออนไลน์ which is a term in Thai ), for marketing your products, it is necessary to take some time to reflect and analyze your short, medium- and long-term needs.

 Here is our list of questions to help you find the backend system for E-Commerce shop solution that’s right for you.

What Type of Products do You Want to Sell on Your Website?

  • How many products will your store have approximately?
  • What type (s) of products do you want to sell (physical, virtual, downloadable, content)?
  • Do you want to sell gift cards (physical, virtual)?
  • Do you offer gift packaging?
  • Do you need online booking calendars with time slots (booking) or accommodation?
  • Will your site have exclusive paid membership style content?
  • Does your site require registrations with recurring renewal?
  • Are you going to sell sets (kit, bundle) of products?
  • Will, you have products on presale?
  • Will, you need an online ticketing system?

What Features do You Need for Your Online Store?

  • Is it a boutique with an online purchase or a product catalogue with an online quote request?
  • Do you have a minimum purchase limit?

Do You Have a Marketing Strategy to Launch Your New Website?

  • Advertising with Google Ads?
  • Advertising with Google Shopping?
  • Advertising with Facebook ads?
  • Configuration of a promotional system on your website (e.g. 2 for 1, buy X and receive Y at 50%)
  • Integration of Google Analytics configured for E-Commerce?
  • Integration of a Facebook tracking pixel to track conversions?
  • Sending newsletters and Marketing Automation?
  • Pop-up programming?

How Will Your Customer Service be Optimized to Build Your Online Reputation?

  • Live chat
  • Facebook Messenger
  • Frequently Asked Questions (FAQ)
  • Chatbot

What Delivery Methods do You Want to Offer Your Customers Online?

  • If you sell physical products requiring delivery, which territory do you want to cover?
  • Have you determined the delivery methods (Canada Post, FedEx)?
  • Adding a delivery tracking code (manually) (Canada Post, FedEx, UPS) when approving the order?
  • Do you have conditional and restrictive delivery methods (by product, category, country)?
  • Do you want a system for managing returns and guarantees (duration, request)?

How Will You Manage the Inventory of Products in Your E-Commerce Store?

  • Do you need to do inventory management?
  • Do you need a system connected to your inventory? What is your current inventory system?
  • Do you use an online outlet (e.g. Square).

In conclusion, having taken note of these questions and getting to understand and knowing what to do in order to set a nice backend system for E-commerce shop(ระบบ ขาย สินค้า ออนไลน์ which is a term in Thai), basically, you will only tend to produce a perfect E-commerce store.

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