Testing the Performance of Your Company Network

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Business owners complete performance tests to determine how well their network operates and identify issues that open the network up to an attack. Security breaches can present real dilemmas for businesses and increase financial losses. Reviewing ways to complete network performance tests helps the company improve performance and security. 

How Well Does the Network Connect to the Internet

Testing the internet connection and speed defines what type of connection the business has. If the internet connection is too slow, the workers experience slow loading times and face unwanted delays. Testing the internet helps the company establish what changes are needed to improve the connection. Sometimes the issue starts with the cabling, and the fix won’t take an extended period of time. 

Have the Workers Experienced Denial of Service

Testing the workstations shows why a denial of service has occurred. The culprit could be a virus or even ransomware. Evaluating each workstation helps the administrator determine if the issue is with the workstation or the worker’s connection to the network itself. Typically, ransomware takes over the workstation when the worker goes to websites that they are restricted from viewing. The websites aren’t secured, and an attack is possible. The administrator will use antivirus software to remove the issue and retest the workstation. 


Assigning New IP Addresses for Equipment and Workstations

Network administrators assign IP addresses for all workstations, peripherals, and equipment connected to the network. The IP address gives each item its own unique identity on the network. If the IP address is unmasked, an attacker could exploit it to get into the network and steal information. When tracing the source of issues, the network administrator uses the IP addresses to find the source. Business owners can learn more about troubleshooting and IP address assignments by visiting https://www.viavisolutions.com/en-us/ptv/solutions/network-performance-monitoring now. 

Finding Threats to the Domain

Finding threats to the domain helps the business owner avoid issues with their registered domain. The domain is used for email accounts and other business services. The business uses its own domain for the company website. Administrators must monitor and test the domain on a 24-hour basis. The domain and all business services used through the domain require robust security, and the schemes must protect the website and all its connections. Some business owners use outsourced services for their domain and website monitoring and maintenance needs. 

Testing Security Schemes for the Database

Testing security schemes for the database keeps the customers safer and prevent data loss. The database requires strong security schemes that block access and limit the total number of workers who can view the files. This can prevent a security breach and prevent the company from being open to a lawsuit. 

Company networks require the internet to operate properly and access necessary services. Testing the internet is the first task for the network administrator. A denial of service attack can take over the entire network and shut down the business completely. Reviewing how to complete network performance tests shows the network administrator how to keep the network safer and more secure. 

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