The Initial Preparations To Enable Selling Niche Products Online

Some entrepreneurs are still in belief with the concept of “when you build it people will come and buy it”. This is only partially correct and it usually does not apply in the real world. The immediate consequence of blindly believing into the concept is that the product owners would have spent their time for nothing, and their business investment cash also for nothing.

You may already know the exact product (and the industry/niche of the product) that you are going to sell online through the online website you have set up. It is time to explore the product by ensuring there is sufficient demand where people are proactively searching for the product and/or comparing prices among different online stores in the internet. It does not hurt to check against the niche/sub-niche of your product in this list of niches with low competition. The next immediate steps that follow would include the following.

Develop your website or app. Whether it is a website or a mobile app that you are building, the concept behind is that you will need this website or app for long term. But you still want to have it developed quickly with relatively low cost. You cannot spend a few months just working on a website just to make it perfect. There are easy and simple solutions out there.

Should you be selling a physical product (i.e. It is a product that you need a warehouse to store it before shipping it to your customers), you may consider a website builder solution such as Wix, Weebly, or Shopify. These solutions do come with a cost i.e. You will be paying a monthly or yearly subscription fee for each website builder solution. The upside is that they would host your website, and would actually take care of all the matters that are concerned with the web hosting. All you do is select a website domain name and purchase the domain for use.

Another popular but slightly more technical solution is use WordPress to build your website. This is when you are more into open source and are willing and are able to work with multiple website plugins. With a WordPress website, you can install your website quickly on your choice of web host service. But a plain WordPress is not sufficient to become an ecommerce site, and is not good enough for search engine optimization. There are still quite a few elements that it lacks when you have to take into consideration the many post WordPress development operations on a daily basis. The downside when using a WordPress website is that you are going to take care of your website hosting by signing up a paid web hosting service. You are not limited to open having to register a domain name for your site.

The sensible steps that follow would be to have an overall strategy to bring people onto your website. During the website development stage, you would have also implemented all the elements that enable your website’s on-page search engine optimization (SEO).

After bring people onto your website, it is not good enough. You will need to keep the people on your site and have them take actions including subscribing to your new product newsletter, or making purchases.

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