Types Of Ads In Google Adwords

Google Ads the advertising platform of the giant Google, offers a wide variety of formats and types of ads so you can achieve your advertising goals and offer your products and services in the best possible way to your customers.

To create a campaign with the Adwords optimize services (ทำ adwords which is the term in Thai), it is necessary to set a goal, choose the type of campaign to be carried out, create suitable ads that adequately convey our message, select the keywords or sites where we want our ads to be displayed and periodically optimize campaigns to achieve the best possible results at minimum cost.

Text Ads From The Search Network

Text ads that appear in Google search results are one of the most used types of ads. Its main objective is to get clicks to generate traffic and conversions on the web. Designing a good campaign, choosing the right keywords, and creating flashy ads are all the ingredients you need to create a good campaign that will report results.

Image Advertising On The Google Adwords Display Network

The Google display network is a perfect channel when our goal is to achieve visibility, notoriety, and branding since the ads will be displayed on websites associated with the display inventory. We can choose the theme of the site where we want our ads to be displayed or directly choose an associated website.

Video Campaigns On The Google Display Network

The video campaigns Google Adwords have good performance because the type of ad is more direct can be transmitted better in the message to be accompanied by moving images, text, and sound. For video ads, it is advisable to bid for CPC, cost per click, or CPV cost per view.

Image, Text Or Video Ads For Application Promotion

The app sector has experienced strong growth that has saturated application stores. To stand out from the competition and encourage the download of our app, we can use ASO, SEO application positioning, or Google Adwords universal application advertising campaigns.

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